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Raising Brine Shrimp

How to raise brine shrimp


Equipment you will need:


  1. Add dechlorinated clear water into your hatchery.
  2. The salinity I used to hatch brine shrimp is 25-30 ppt.
  3. Mix the rock salt and aquarium salt (8:2, rock salt is 8). Because the aquarium salt is expensive, I substitute rough salt instead of some aquarium salt. Aquarium salt has lots minerals inside, and brine shrimp need those. This needs to have a higher salinity of about 50ppt.
  4. Add the mixed salt into your hatchery and turn on the air pump to provide a strong air flow to help the salt dissolve in water.
  5. Add your brine shrimp eggs. One day later, you can collect the new born brine shrimp and move them to your raiseout tank.
  6. If you want to feed the brine shrimp with yeast powder, you can let the yeast powder dissolve in warm water first (cool water is OK, warm works faster). Wait 5 min. and pour it into your tank to feed the baby brine shrimp. Otherwise you can directly throw in spirulina powder.
  7. After you feed the brine shrimp with yeast powder, the water will be cloudy. You can feed the brine shirmp again when the water color becomes clear.
  8. You don't need to change the water unless you feed too much.
  9. In about one month, the brine shrimp should grow up to 1~1.2 cm. After you harvest all adult brine shrimp, you should drain all the water in the tank and clean the bottom.